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Goalkeeping School

GPS Goalkeeping Mission Statement

"The GPS Goalkeeping School provides both GPS and non-affiliated GPS players with the highest level of goalkeeper coaching and expertise. The programs aims are to promote the development and long-term growth of goalkeepers, with the goal of the athletes reaching their long-term goals both in soccer and personal achievement."

We plan to achieve this by creating a warm, professional and friendly environment to nurture our young goalkeepers allowing them to flourish and reach their maximum potential. The coaches on the program will deliver world class sessions and provide insight on how to improve the fundamental techniques and skills that all goalkeepers require. At the end of each session, all participants will be actively involved in a guided discovery approach to reviewing the techniques used (during the session) - giving them the ability to learn and gain a greater understanding of what it really means to be a goalkeeper.  

Global Premier Soccer are now the official North American Partners of FC Bayern. This priceless link will allow our coaches access to an innovative network of coaching materials which can only help to further the development of our goalkeepers. This is just one of a number of unique traits that will put the Global Premier Soccer Goalkeeping School ahead of the curve.

What are the benefits of attending these sessions?

  • World class coaching delivered by experienced coaches.
  • A warm, friendly environment for our young goalkeepers.
  • Allowing your children to reach their full potential in a fun, professional and challenging program.
  • Goalkeeping specific reviews - we are devoted to helping your goalkeepers improve!
  • And many, many more advantages.