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The Football Club Conquistadores de Guaynabo was founded in January 2002 and reflects the interest of a group of parents motivated to achieve the necessary conditions to achieve maximum footballing development of their children and improve the level of play of the sport in Puerto Rico.

Among our main objectives it is to effectively develop the skills and related to the sport of football aimed at maximum performance among participants without losing the balance between technical and physical development and enjoyment of sport techniques.


Brief History

The Club began with the coaching of coaches Pedro and Jose M. Montero Armstrong, who served as the top team leaders San Juan Islanders in past seasons 2001 and 2002.

We also got the support of Cuban coach Lazaro Corp, who had extensive experience in the physical and technical development of the Cuban athletes in football. Locally was the leader of the football team Colegio San Ignacio, football and futsal champions in 2002 Athletic Alliance of Colleges of Puerto Rico and the women's national team in 2004.

The Brazilian coach Charles Gatinho was in charge of the technical direction of the club until 2008, this was a professional player in the 80s and has been coaching since then, both in Brazil and Puerto Rico, as well as its participation as a coach and technical assistant of all national teams of Puerto Rico between 1999 and 2002.

This technical work was complemented during the first half of 2004 with the arrival of Mr. Miguel Cornejo, Peruvian soccer player and coach, also with vast experience and who was in charge of the direction of national teams in Peru, Honduras and Guatemala, among other parcels professional level. He also worked on the development of the Goal Project, sponsored by FIFA, in Belize.

They will attend Juan Vera former player of national team of Puerto Rico, Ronald Gonzalez, former player of second division in Costa Rica, Diego Montoya, Colombian soccer player and player master in Puerto Rico, the Christian and Alejandro Caicedo brothers, both excellent Higher level local players, Yamil Vera, excellent college football player, representative of the University of Puerto Rico, Freddy Beltran and Carlos Solis and Javier Cuartas, former players of first division of Costa Rica and Colombia, respectively.

 Alexandros also attended Soltadis, former player and coach lower divisions in Greece, and Juan Lao, Peruvian player based in Puerto Rico. They also provided a great collaboration Mr. Sergio Maldonado, former top-level player in Giants Carolina, Misses. Sheila Rodriguez and Melanie Wizel, both former players of the previous Athletics Club Rio Piedras, and recently the women's national team between 2002 and 2004 and the University of Puerto Rico, respectively, and Teresa Duran, former player of Higher level Club Deportivo Female Football Guaynabo.

The current technical management of the Club, under Mr. Sergio Castro, provides you to our club so quickly probably the best technical resources of the country, currently has the unique most complete technical group of the island and with the technical direction of two FIFA certified professionals.